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The ideal climate for (re)location

When starting or expanding a business, only the best is good enough. The best people, the best technology, the best infrastructure, and the best location; In Friesland, you’ll find all of the above. If you are interested in locating your business in our province, we will make sure you are offered all you require. Our doors are open to facilitate your needs. Many years of experience in supporting developing businesses have taught us that Rome was not built in a day. Anytime you need assistance, you’ll find our consultants ready and happy to help!

About us

At the Heart of Water Technology

The landscape, history, and economy of Friesland are inseparably linked with water. Steeped in water technology and with the Watercampus at its heart, it is easy to see why Friesland is well on the way to becoming the European Capital of Water Technology and you can bet that we are consistently strengthening our position. More and more leading companies and knowledge-based institutions choose to establish themselves in Friesland. It is a place where ambitious plans can be rapidly developed.

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Attractive for Agri-food

The agri-food industry in the Netherlands is developing fast. Here in Friesland, we are determined to keep that momentum going. Agriculture has always played a powerful role in our economy. We move heaven and earth to keep Friesland an attractive place to site a business, and we are always looking for ways to make Friesland an even more attractive location. We are open to all in the agricultural field. Agricultural companies that move to Friesland prosper. You could, as we say in Dutch, “met je neus in de boter vallen” literally: ‘fall with your nose in the butter’, (which is a Dutch way of saying, “This will work out well for you”).

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Ambitions in Manufacturing

The challenges for manufacturing industries are piling up. Solving these challenges demands ambition and cries out for innovation. Not just for companies and organisations within the manufacturing industries, but outside as well. The interaction between manufacturing, knowledge- based institutions, and other industries is truly intensive. Here in Friesland, our door is wide open for students, start-ups, and established companies who are ready to help make our industries ’smarter’.

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Companies and Their Stories

‘Those who know their own boundaries can see into the future.’ is a Dutch proverb. We know a lot about this concept in Friesland, as we like to be ahead of the field. Friesland offers opportunities to get ahead. We have an abundance of space, and we share that space to help others develop. The Frisian term, ‘iepen mienskip’ means ‘open society’. It stems from the time that, in our struggle to tame the waters around us, we pooled our resources and talents. Together, we built dikes and other defences to protect ourselves. In the present day, we work together in other fields. Are you curious to read about who is building what?

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(Re)locating in Friesland?

Whether you are new to our province or are already established and want to expand, our team of specialist consultants is ready to help. Expert in making useful connections, we can help you develop close links with those who can best help your company to flourish. You can rely on a single department to help answer all your business queries. Want to know more? Contact our consultants directly. They are ready and eager to help!

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Gina Tromp

Agrofood en overig
Regio Leeuwarden

Jeroen van Wijk

HTSM (maakindustrie)
Regio Drachten

Evelien Walstra

Watertechnologie en dienstverlening
Regio Leeuwarden

Jaap-Auke Rienstra

Maritiem & HTSM (maakindustrie)
Regio Súdwest-Fryslân

Elsemarie Oosterveen

Agrofood, logistiek en overig
Regio Heerenveen

Friesland, come on!

In Friesland the possibilities are endless. We are ready and happy to meet you.