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Capital of Water Technology

Where there’s water is where it’s happening, and that’s where you want to be.

When the Dutch think of water, they think of Friesland. It’s what runs through the provincial veins and has for centuries been the backdrop of the Frisian story. We are always walking the line between the threat water poses and the chances it offers. We consistently develop groundbreaking solutions to worldwide water-related problems right here in Friesland. Our ambition is great: to become the Capital of Water Technology, and we are well on the way to achieving our goal! We will guide you through the Frisian waterscape.

Many streams together carry much water.

“What happens if we see the threat of water as an opportunity in itself?” This thought motivated the Frisians to push their boundaries, rather than just hold things in equilibrium. They learned to see water not just as something that needs to be tamed or floated around upon on sunny days, but as something to be put to practical use. Water as a source of energy and raw resources for example, or for cleaning wastewater, even gaining nutrients from processed water. In Friesland, all this is happening. The most difficult problems related to water are being tackled in Friesland. To witness these developments and to see the innovations for themselves, people from all over the globe travel to the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden, the pivotal point of the whole water technology industry, with its own offices and research facilities. Here we find (inter)national companies, knowledge-based institutions, and governmental departments working together to stimulate innovation, education, and enterprise.

Cooperation for innovation

The Wetsus knowledge centre is an important part of the WaterCampus. Based in their iconic ship- shaped building, the Wetsus staff initiate and facilitate cooperation between universities and entrepreneurs. Business people from many different fields are welcome to contact Wetsus with ideas and research questions. Take the reuse of processed water or the removal of wastewater, for example. Wetsus puts together a specialised research team to tackle each problem. This cooperation is crucial to developing world changing innovations in the water technology industry. Throughout the province, we have established demo sites, where research teams are testing the innovations they are developing. Examples include the saltwater research taking place in Harlingen and the research into the production of ‘blue energy’ in an installation on the Afsluitdijk (the great dyke that runs from Friesland to North Holland). The Water Alliance, also a division of the WaterCampus, helps to market the knowledge acquired through our research projects.

In the heart of the ecosystem

Acquiring knowledge is one thing; putting that knowledge into practice is another. It is in the practical application of acquired knowledge that Friesland is playing a leading role. Here, in the centre of water technology, innovations come to life. Through the years, we have developed an ecosystem where solutions are facilitated from start to finish. These innovations are already being used all over the world. We can refer to Friesland as the main source of all water technology flowing around the world. Those who wish to rise on the waves of innovation need to be where the water is; In the heart of the ecosystem, where the contacts are close and the opportunities are many. In

cooperation with WaterCampus, we guide entrepreneurs as they rise to their water technology- related challenges. We facilitate the cooperation between knowledge-based institutions and companies. We also help find perfect locations and investment opportunities for companies. Our greatest strength is our experience in working to help entrepreneurs. We understand their needs, appreciate and support them, in both the good times and the more challenging.

Over Vestigen in Friesland

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